MEMBAZ is a membership management system that places your members at the center of your focus anywhere and anytime.

MEMBAZ  allows efficient management of organisations of all sizes and allows you to focus on delivering real member value and reducing administrative overheads.

MEMBAZ does this though a simple and easy to use web based interface, powerful information management tools and comprehensive reporting.

MEMBAZ will enable you to:

  • COLLECT revenue efficiently
  • CONTROL your database effectively
  • PROFESSIONALLY manage your member’s membership experience

Our management system ensures that the time you have available to dedicate to membership management is utilized efficiently by being:

  • Fast – even over poor internet connections, the system operates at your speed
  • Easy to use – even people with little computer experience will benefit from our intuitive user experience
  • Accessible – anytime, anywhere to all users with access to the internet
  • Affordable – for most organizations